Students earn GPS designation by accumulating 100 points from each of the three categories listed below.


Students are required to take Global Studies, Ethnic Studies, and three years of a foreign language. In addition there are other globally-themed options to help complete the certificate requirement.

Global Studies* (10 points)

Ethnic Studies* (10 points)

Foreign Language*- 3 years       (30 points)

Food & Literature (10 points)

AP Environmental Science          (10 points)

Choir (10 points for two years)

Make 2 Community Projects          (5 points)

Journalism- 5 Articles per year    (5 points)


Community Action

Students complete forty hours of service, per year, focused on helping improve conditions in their community. Action opportunities are based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

9th Grade: Global Studies Action Portfolio (10 points)

10th Grade: 40 Hours (10 points)

11th Grade: 40 Hours (10 points)

12th Grade: 40 Hours (10 points)

International Experience

Students partake in a 15-week, online "virtual exchange" program with other international students. As an option, students may choose to raise money for a short-term homestay abroad (approximately 7-9 days) during their Junior or Senior year.

Required (10 Points):

Youth For Understanding Virtual Exchange (15 week online program with international students)

Optional Experiences. Analy High School will cover expenses for the virtual exchange, however students may pursue an optional 7-9 day homestay program overseas, or participate in Global Glimpse, a 16-day service trip in Latin America. Students will be responsible for fundraising in order to participate in optional experiences, but GPS will work to assist students who want to pursue this option.

GPS: Dunfermline, Scotland      (two-way exchange)

GPS: Takeo City, Japan            (one-way)

GPS: Budapest, Hungary         (one-way)

Global Glimpse (16-day Latin America service trip)

Rotary International Short-Term or Year-Long Exchange.