Students are required to complete forty hours per year (grades 10-12) of community action. Our intent is for students to select experiences that are meaningful and of personal interest. Based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, community action is a way for students to gain experience, develop skills, and help improve conditions in their community. Listed below are local organizations looking for teen volunteers. 


Did We Forget Something?

If you know of a great opportunity for youth to help in our community- let us know!

What Guides our Actions?

An initiative of the United Nations to address issues of inequality, poverty, and climate change by the year 2030. Each Community Action activity should connect to the Global Goals.

The Four Domains of Global Competence come from The Asia Society, and articulate the knowledge and skills students need in the 21st century. The Four Domains are a framework for guiding student learning both within and across disciplines.

The National Geographic Learning Framework ensures continuity between the coursework students are engaged with, and the activities they participate in.