Your generous support helps students to participate in an international homestay opportunity, as well as ensuring that GPS thrives in the future. Your investment in our students will help cover airfare, insurance costs, hosting stipends, transportation, and general program expenses. Please consider making an investment in GPS, and our students, by providing them with a unique opportunity which might not otherwise be possible.

Ways You Can Help

GPS HERO       ($3000)

Your sponsorship of the GPS program will ensure that GPS can grow to meet the needs of our students. Your sponsorship will include prominant logo placement on our website and applicable literature, as well as program updates and news.

GPS STUDENT INVESTOR ($1500 or more)

GPS students have a target of $2000 to cover travel expenses. The student you sponsor will provide personal updates during the travel process, as well as sharing their experiences with you during a GPS luncheon. You will also be recognized on our Investor Page, and receive GPS updates.

GPS PARTNER      ($500 or more)

Your investment as a GPS Partner will include your name and/or logo on our Partner Page, as well as updates through our newsletter and social media posts.

GPS  FRIEND      (Under $500)

Any help to GPS is greatly appreciated. Your name will be featured on our Friend page, and you will receive updates through our newsletter and social media posts.


When international students come to visit, they bring chaperones with them. If you're willing to host, we'd love to hear from you!


Help us to share all the great things happening at GPS. We can be found on twitter and Instagram.

Payment and Tax ID

Analy High School is an educational, not for profit entity. For your records, our Tax ID is #38-3912079

Checks can be made to Analy High School, with GPS in the memo space.


If you have any questions about GPS, our fundraising efforts, or any related activities, please complete the information below.